Elite Nub Squad is a group that is meant to highly train and produce nubs to the World of Warcraft - If you are already a nub, then we will love you even more (jk, we love everyone the same). ENS, Creating nubs since Garrosh started his rampage!
We do raiding as well, our times are listed here:
Normal Raids:
Wednesday: 7-10pm (server)
Friday: 8pm-finished (server)
Flexible Raids:
Thursday: 7-10pm (server)
Saturday: 8pm-finished (server)

For an invite to the normal raid team, please send an in-game mail or whisper to Søuleater-galakrond, Melosona-blackhand, Rámbø-galakrond or Tilacin-blackhand.

We do not have a pvp team yet, though we do have many members that love to pvp. It would be amazing if anyone could make us our PvP Nub Squad!


Elite Nub Squad does transmog runs in any old raid weekly, that also includes achievements for mounts. We let members chose the raids and we gather up for them. When we see there is an easy achievement we will point that out and earn it.


                                    .Level 100 raid table coming soon.